Forever Love – Book 1 in the Davina and Quinn Series


Forever Love

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Forever Love

“Does love at first sight really happen? Is there a difference between love at first sight and obsession?”

Davina Stuart, farmer and bestselling author of Second Harvest, shares a flight to Los Angeles with Hollywood’s latest heartthrob, Quinn Thomas. Three hours of in-flight speed dating and Quinn’s in love. Davina is not so sure. She’s older and wiser. She’ll settle for a one-night stand, but he wants more. Davina’s cows and her children are her life. She’s not so sure about Hollywood and its glamour. Blue jeans, cowboy boots and her pickup truck are more her style. Quinn is tired of the plastic starlets, his empty bed and his lonely heart. He’d give up everything, including his career, for the love of a woman, his woman. Forever Love follows their whirlwind romance as the widow of two years, who thought her time for romance was over, finds love with a man who has to have her in his life, to love her forever.

Written by Deborah Armstrong

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