Home at the Edge – Ronald Schulz


In this gripping sequel to the acclaimed memoir “Chicago Rage,” we once again delve into the tumultuous life of Ron. Set against the vibrant backdrop of the 1969 Chicago Haymarket riot, this narrative picks up where “Chicago Rage” left off, immersing readers in Ron’s continued journey of self-discovery, love, and revolution.

As Ron navigates the complexities of Cook County jail, forms bonds in unexpected places, and grapples with societal expectations in a mental institution, echoes of his past experiences from “Chicago Rage” reverberate throughout. Newcomers to Ron’s story will be captivated by his resilience and spirit, while fans of the first memoir will appreciate the deeper exploration of his character and the world around him.

Amidst love affairs, haunting memories, and the pull of revolution, this memoir not only stands as a testament to a young man’s journey in a transformative era but also serves as a compelling continuation of the saga begun in “Chicago Rage.” Whether you’re revisiting Ron’s world or stepping into it for the first time, this memoir promises a journey that resonates with the challenges and aspirations of a generation. For the full experience, readers are encouraged to explore “Chicago Rage” and witness the genesis of Ron’s odyssey.

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In the tumultuous backdrop of the 1969 Chicago Haymarket riot, Ron, a spirited seventeen-year-old, finds himself ensnared in the complexities of Cook County jail. As he navigates this new world, he forms an unexpected bond with Pete Fischetti, the prodigious son of a renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist. Their shared experiences and discussions echo the sentiments of a generation yearning for change.

Upon his release, courtesy of his father’s intervention, Ron’s journey takes a detour through a mental institution. Here, amidst the backdrop of societal expectations, he encounters fellow “hippie-freaks” grappling with their identities. As they resist a program designed to mold them into societal norms, Ron’s heartstrings are tugged by the enigmatic Marge, a love that remains tantalizingly out of reach.

A serendipitous discovery of the graves from the original Haymarket riot offers Ron and Pete a profound connection to the past, bridging generations of revolutionaries. But life outside isn’t any simpler. Amidst love affairs thwarted by institutional powers, a chilling encounter with a Satanist lover, and the haunting specter of friends lost to their inner demons, Ron’s resilience is tested.

With the weight of lost loves and the looming draft, Ron’s spirit remains unbroken. His adventures, from selling underground paraphernalia to confronting the harsh realities of a society in flux, paint a vivid portrait of a young man’s journey in a transformative era. As he grapples with love, loss, and the pull of revolution, readers aged 40 and older will find themselves transported back to a time of societal upheaval, resonating with the challenges and aspirations of their youth. This is but the beginning of Ron’s odyssey, with more tales of revolution to come in subsequent volumes.