The Black Rook


What would you do to avenge the murder of your father?

When a mad monk whispers to Hanzus that someone poisoned his father, he rides at once to the monastery in haste. But as his father succumbs to the slow poison, he learns the assassin fled south to an inn called the Black Rook. With revenge in his heart, Hanzus travels a raging sea in search of his father’s killer, cementing his name as the Baron Without Sorrow. And on the trail of revenge, he discovers secrets about his family he never knew.

Accompanied by Barrett, a drunk who dreams of adventure and a taste of exotic women, and Mavrian Morr, a Bloodkin shunned by humanity, he is obligated to track down the killer and avenge his father. But through the process, will he uncover a deeper plot and overcome the madness in the world?

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