At Arc Reviewers, we strive to supply great books to our members free of charge. In return, our members leave honest reviews on Good Reads.

While we strive to have all the members who download and read the books we supply leave feedback, we cannot guarantee it. Nor can we guarantee that it will be downloaded and read by our members. If a member does not review a downloaded book, they will not be allowed to download any other books until they comply with our terms of use and review past downloads. It is important that when you submit your book to us, that it be publication-ready. Ensure your cover is included in the epub file for we will use it for the listing. Your description should be well written and free of any spelling/grammatic errors. We will review the description for accuracy based on the language used in your book.

We only need an epub file, for we’ll create the mobi equivalent from that. Your book will be added to our database and advertised to our membership through our Facebook page and newsletter. Please make sure you tell people that the ARC is available through your newsletter as well. The best impact is when we both work together to distribute the work.

In order to submit to us, you will need to create a profile. This will also mean you’re added to our newsletter. It allows you to verify that we’re keeping up with our part and advertising your book on our site.

The agreement is you will allow us to distribute your ebook to our membership for two weeks at no cost to us or you. You will allow us to place the words Supplied by Arc Reviewers on the cover, and a link to our website within.